Youth Leadership Team Kicks Off Year

My name is Savannah Shaver and I am a youth activist with Y Street and a 2016-2017 member of the Y Street Leadership Team. As a member of Y Street, I have promoted a healthier Virginia by educating my peers and community members about the dangers of sugary drinks through the Rev Your Bev campaign and by meeting with my school board members to advocate for a comprehensive tobacco policy with the 24/7 campaign. This July, I attended the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT) Summit, a week-long conference held in Richmond, VA. I, along with my fellow YSLT members, gained skills in public speaking, networking, and policy process. We had the opportunity to use our new skills by presenting our testimonies to one another and hosting a networking event. During this week, we also became experts on this year’s Y Street campaigns: Rev Your Bev, 24/7, Great Starts with Breakfast, and Fresh Spot. We also had the opportunity to volunteer at Tricycle Gardens, an urban garden, to learn more about the production and importance of healthy, accessible produce – the focus of our Fresh Spot Campaign. The summit also taught me a lot about event planning and team organization so I can take my new skills and knowledge back to my corner of Virginia and help lead it into becoming a healthier and more fruitful environment. On behalf of my fellow YSLT members, I want to thank Y Street, The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, all of the attendees of our networking event, the American Heart Association, Tricycle Gardens, and everyone who gave their time and support to make this summit possible. I could not be more honored and excited to be a part of the Y Street Leadership Team. Y Street is so important to me because it not only provides me with a chance to give back to my community, but because I can see it making a big change in my world. The summit was an unforgettable experience that connected me with Y-Sters who are just as passionate as I am. It gave me a new understanding of leadership that I will carry with me forever, specifically in the coming year of Y Street events. As a YSLT member, I hope to empower people in my school and community to not only make healthier choices, but to become more involved in the movement to promote a healthier Virginia! 2016-16 YSLT Members:
  • Natalie Amoateng, Patriot HS
  • Caitlyn Anderson, Tallwood HS
  • Hannah Chichester, Skyline HS
  • Sarah Chichester, Skyline HS
  • Eric Davis, King GeorgHS
  • Jaleel Davis, Oscar Smith HS
  • Lyndsey Dillingham, Cosby HS
  • Tresure Gary, Tallwood HS
  • Jaelee Heard, Tallwood HS
  • Jashaun Hyde, George Wythe HS (RIC)
  • Dakota Kahley, Stafford HS
  • Zoe Lewczak, Brentsville District HS
  • Estaphania Lopez, Patriot HS
  • Hannah Mertes, Blacksburg HS
  • Norah Mulinda, Cave Spring HS
  • Eunice Namkoong, Tabb HS
  • Corey Reed, Dinwiddie HS
  • Savannah Shaver, George Wythe HS (WYT)
  • Hunter Smith, Greensville County HS
  • Morgan Swindall, Brentsville District HS
  • Macauley Thornton, Manchester HS
  • Hunter Turley, Lakeland HS
  • Kenna Williams, Tabb HS
  • Jordan Wilson, Cosby HS

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