Great Starts with Breakfast School-Based Events

The Y-Street members at Tallwood High School held a Great Starts With Breakfast event during breakfast and lunch. When planning this event we had to consider how many people were going to participate in the event in order to get the right amount of student surveys and proper incentives. Our incentive was a $50 gift card. Once a participant completed an survey they were able to participate in the raffle. The most important part of planning the event was grasping the students interests with a captivating conversation about changing their breakfast in the morning.

We promoted our event by first asking, “Would you like to have a voice regarding your school breakfast in the mornings?” We promoted our event by making announcements over the school’s morning announcements and networking throughout the school. The highlights of our event were when the students showed how enthusiastic they were about the Great Starts With Breakfast campaign and interest in joining Y Street. Students were really appreciative that there is a club trying to improve the school as we are.

The participants were really engaged in this event because they were given a chance to change school breakfast at Tallwood. Most students agreed that the current school breakfast is unappealing and unpleasant. Majority of the participants also added that they usually don’t eat breakfast in the morning due to the inconvenient time and where breakfast is served. A popular idea from our peers was the Grab and Go option because it allowed them to avoid lengthy lines, get a healthy breakfast, and get to class on time. During this event we learned how to talk to our peers and grab their attention. This skill allows us to recruit new members and promote our campaigns through our Y Street events.

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