The Importance of Youth In Activism

My name is Zariawn and I’m a junior at Granby High School. As of my two years in Y Street, this is my first year apart of the Y Street Leadership Team. I’m a young person with the interests of informing my community about important situations and playing an active role in policy change. Policy sets the record straight when dealing with the rules and regulations of a place or events’ expected ways of operation. If policy is passed, it could have a tremendous effect on not only people, but their environments. A structural change in society results in a new way of life. Y Street works to change incomplete or outdated policies to ensure all important information is to be explicitly clear to rid any possible loopholes and promote healthy living in a formal manner. I’ve spoken twice to the School Board of the Norfolk Public Schools Division to ask for and showcase a revised school tobacco policy. A revised policy and a healthier school would affect children’s lives for the greater good. Youth should care about policy because it truly shapes a future we’d like to live in. Y Street has taught me that another great way of benefitting your community is to write a positive change in stone that stands through policy. By becoming more involved in policy, others could learn more about the policy process and why policy is a vital factor in the functioning of success. People should support the policy changes Y Street is trying to make because the ultimate goal is a healthier life for all Virginians.

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