Why YOU Should Join Y Street

Hi, I’m Kit, a recently graduated senior at Fauquier High School! I joined Y Street last year when they entered my school through FBLA, and I became a member of the Leadership Team last summer. Becoming a Y-Ster has substantiated to be one of the best experiential decisions I have made! Y Street is a youth-run initiative advocating for healthy living in Virginia. Students have the opportunity to join the organization once their school is accepted into the Y Street Partner Program and the members go through a training session on the campaigns. Being a member of Y Street allows students to develop advocacy, communication, and teamwork skills through educating the public and campaigning to update policies and models. Currently, Y-Sters are promoting 100% tobacco free schools through the Twenty-four/Seven project, introducing alternative breakfast models under Great Starts with Breakfast, using Rev Your Bev to inform peers about the additive sugars in their drinks, and eliminating food deserts around Virginia by surveying communities with Fresh Spot. Y Street has expanded my involvement in volunteering, strengthened my workplace readiness skills, and influenced my passion for community engagement. I am passionate about Y Street because it’s healthy living mission demonstrates grounded goals and effective results that better communities. Y Street’s efforts have benefited me as a leader through encouraging positive skill-building experiences and have benefited my community through informing the public about healthy practices and promoting structural changes in application. By joining, individuals are presented countless opportunities to create an influential change in their community; Y Street cultivates prosperous initiatives within each individual’s participation. Is the opportunity to get involved with Y Street at your school? Click here [link: http://my.ystreet.org/apply] to apply for training.

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