I Presented with the FDA!

Hi! My name is Evie and I go to Fauquier High School. This is my 2nd year in Y-Street and my 1st year on the Y-Street Leadership Team. When I joined Y-street I hoped to make a difference within my school community. Within the past year my fellow Y-sters have made lots of progress with one including passing the comprehensive policy. I love being able to be involved in a big way and the opportunities Y-street has offered me.

This past month I was invited to attend the Food and Drug Administration’s new launch of “The Real Cost” campaign. I was there to help them relaunch this campaign after their first launch which was held in 2014. This campaign targets the young middle and high school kids that are using traditional and electronic tobacco and nicotine products. The FDA is launching this campaign to get the word to these kids about the different effects these products will do and to try get these targeted kids to stop using them as they do not realize these products can be very addictive. Their strategies to get the campaign known are by putting it on websites and apps that teens use on a daily basis we are also planning on placing signs in school bathrooms. They want these AD’s to be seen by the most amount of teens as possible and putting them on certain sites and apps such as Spotify and others like it will make this possible.

This campaign is so important to our generation. As we see within our schools and in our community the e-cig use is increasing everyday and there needs to be actions taken to stop it. Being able to share my experiences and knowledge with many of the very important people in the industry of healthy youth will forever be memorable. These many different adults that were there will forever listen to the youth that are around and witnessing what is happening everyday. I gained so much from this experience by just being there. Being able to hear what information they have on e-cigs and being able to be a part of this new launch has made me super excited to continue the great work we are doing. This opportunity can be offered to anyone through the work we are all doing through y-street!

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