Greensville Buddies Up For Breakfast

Hi! My Name is Savion a sophomore at Greensville Co High School and this is what we for National School Breakfast Week. Y Street Members at Greensville Co. High School recently went to Greensville Elementary School to host a Breakfast with a Buddy. National School Breakfast Week was March 4-8th this year, this is a week where the nation celebrate eating school breakfast and the importance of eating breakfast. As Y Street members, we wanted to plan an event at Greensville Elementary School. We thought it would be fun to plan a Breakfast with a Buddy Event where we go and eat with elementary students.

YSters, Bacon & Egg (who are YSters in costumes), and Greensville High School’s CNA Students went to Greensville Elementary School on March 13, 2019 to host a variety of events for the day! Y-Sters and CNA students ate breakfast with the elementary school students, while Bacon & Egg was going to classrooms discussing breakfast and its benefits. The topics of these classroom discussions ranged from “Build Your Own Smoothie”, to “What is A Healthy Breakfast”, to “What Breakfast Items Do You Like”. Each Student got a Great Starts with Breakfast bracelet and sticker. We even gave the teachers pens and a stress ball. Greensville’s Breakfast with A Buddy Event was a great success. Students learned what a healthy breakfast looks like and why breakfast is important. Students also had the chance to tell us about reasons they believe eating breakfast is important. I really enjoyed this great event and can’t wait for a chance to do it again.

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