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Y Street ❘ Promoting a Healthy Virginia

Join the Y Street Team

Hello! I am Ryan, a senior at JR Tucker High School in Henrico. I have been a member of Y Street for one year now, and I am excited to further my involvement and commitment as a member of the leadership team! For me, Y Street is not just a movement but a community, constantly reinventing both itself and the communities of Virginia. To be a good citizen and
advocate for public health, I believe it is important never to become complacent, and Y Street is anything but.

Y Street is a youth-led group spanning across Virginia that promotes and supports healthy behavior changes and legislation that will improve Virginians’ overall health. I was introduced to Y Street through a peer of mine, a leader in the movement at the time. Immediately I knew this was something I wanted to be affiliated and involved with. At their very core, Y Street team members strive to make Virginia a better place by leaving their mark, which stuck with me since the very beginning. From providing fruit-flavored water to students during lunch and promoting healthy hydration in schools as part of the Rev Your Bev initiative, to exhibiting at a local fair to promote tobacco-free outdoor spaces for our Share The Air campaign, Y-Sters at my school go above and beyond the call of duty to foster a culture of healthy living and coexistence.

Y Street has broadened my view by drawing my attention to issues I had not given thought to in the past, like making public spaces tobacco-free. From working on Share The Air, I’ve learned about the negative impact of tobacco advertising in low-income communities and the dangers of secondhand smoke. By joining Y Street, I can promise a great deal of personal development will come to pass. For those who are passionate about elevating their community, this organization will provide a means to that end. When it comes to the world we all share, there never is truly an end to progress; a fact Y Street members embrace wholeheartedly. Your voice matters and if you are motivated, Y Street will provide an opportunity to enhance and develop not only your community, but the state of Virginia as a whole.

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