Benefits of Tobacco-Free & Vapor-Free Outdoor Environments for Our Pets

Hi! My name is Jordyn and I am a senior at Caroline High School. I have been in Y Street for two years and this is my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team! Enjoying the great outdoors is one of my favorite activities and it can be rewarding for both people and our pets. In this post, I will talk more about our Share The Air campaign and how it is beneficial for us and our furry friends!

Share The Air is all about promoting tobacco-free and vapor-free outdoor spaces in Virginia to create healthier spaces for men, women, children, and even pets. Smoking and using e-cigarettes in public spaces releases toxic fumes which are extremely harmful. Exposure to secondhand smoke and vape aerosol makes pets susceptible to respiratory illnesses and multiple forms of cancer. Creating spaces that are tobacco-free and vapor-free would reduce these risks. It would also provide safe and healthy places for you and your pets to enjoy!

My dog and I love to play outside together. She loves rolling around in the grass and playing with toys. I like taking my dog out to play, but the possibility of her health being compromised is a little frightening. I want her to have a long healthy life. Share The Air is working to ensure that our public spaces are tobacco-free and e-cigarette-free to create a cleaner and healthier outdoor environment. I encourage you to learn more about this campaign by visiting ShareTheAirVA.com. You can also follow both Y Street and Share The Air on social media to show your support for tobacco-free and vapor-free outdoor spaces in Virginia!

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