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Hi, my name is Ella, and I am a Junior at Charlottesville High School. This is my second year as a Y Street member and my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT). I joined Y Street because working with students across Virginia and engaging community members, key decision-makers, and legislators with the goal of making our state healthier really fascinated me. I am a pretty shy person, but with Y Street I am able to collaborate with others from a much larger platform to make a significant change on issues that I am extremely passionate about such as access to drinking water in schools and the effects of secondhand smoke in outdoor public areas.

Last school year, I was offered the opportunity to present along with another YSLT member from my high school to a local organization, Region Ten in Charlottesville, to educate them on our Share The Air campaign. I took a lot from this experience. I was able to immerse myself in a business-type scenario which is an important life skill to have. I also made new friends and stepped out of my comfort zone. This wouldn’t have happened without Y Street and for that, I am so glad that I joined this incredible movement.

Another amazing benefit of joining Y Street is the awesome prizes and rewards that you can earn! The more opportunities you participate in and the more hours earned, the more points you can exchange for prizes such as AirPods, Apple watches, polaroids, gift cards, and even scholarships.

If you’re a returning Y Street member you can go straight to ystreet.org and click on the Member Login login button at the top of the page. Login to your account and sign up for your high school’s 2021 Training Kickoff event.

If you are a new student, don’t worry your application process is super easy as well! All you have to do is go to my.ystreet.org/apply. To create an account, enter your contact information and fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can get to know you.

I hope you choose to join the Y Street movement and immerse yourself in all the experiential and engaging opportunities it has to offer!

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