My Legislator Meeting Experience

Hi! My name is Wramsey, and I am a junior at John Randolph (JR) Tucker High School. This year is my second year in Y Street and my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT).

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the first legislator meeting of the 2021-2022 Y Street school year with Delegate Rodney Willet. During the meeting, we presented our two campaigns, Share The Air and Rev Your Bev. I got the chance to talk about the activities we do and the way the campaigns help and affect me in my life, and how we connect to them. I personally talked about the Share The Air campaign and an advertisement pitch I did on creating tobacco and e-cigarette free outdoor spaces so my family can go out safely without being exposed to secondhand smoke. 

The purpose of these meetings is to educate our legislators about the campaigns and how they positively impact Virginians. To prepare, we went over a PowerPoint and had a practice meeting to get questions and jitters out. We also took notes to help the meeting go smoothly. Once we were in the meeting it felt really nice. I liked how we actually had an engrossing and real conversation with Delegate Willet. I’m interested in doing more legislator meetings in the future so I can make a change in Virginia by making it a healthier state.

To learn more about Y Street, visit ystreet.org.

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