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Scroll down to learn more about the campaigns at the heart of Y Street’s efforts. The campaign health messages are strengthened by the unique voices of each Y Steet member and are key to generating positive change.

The Share The Air campaign is committed to creating 100% tobacco-free and vape-free public spaces. The goal is to give Virginians access to clean and healthy outdoor spaces like parks, playgrounds, and beaches where they can be active and relax. Y Street teens rally around the opportunity to provide outdoor areas free from secondhand smoke and aerosols that pose health risks.

Campaign Highlight:
Recently, Granby High School and King George High School Y Street Leadership Team members met with their local Parks and Recreation director regarding the Share The Air campaign. They discussed the issue of secondhand smoke and aerosol in outdoor recreational areas, and sparked their interest in adopting a voluntary tobacco-free and vape-free policy.

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The Rev Your Bev campaign is designed to provide information and resources that get youth, parents, and educators in Virginia pumped about drinking water. Find out how fun and delicious improving your health can be at RevYourBev.com

As hosts of in-person and virtual school events, including VFHY’s annual Rev Your Bev Day, Y-Sters have collected opinion surveys, promoted water consumption, and educated peers on the importance and benefits of drinking water.

Campaign Highlight:
After participating in Rev Your Bev Day, Charlottesville High School committed to setting up fruit-infused water dispensers every week. By making water easier to access and more appealing, both students and staff drank more water during school hours.

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The 24/7 campaign advocated for passage of the Comprehensive Tobacco-Free and E-Cigarette-Free School bill. Amplified by the powerful voices of Y Street youth, the bill passed into law and Virginia’s schools are now 100% tobacco-free and e-cigarette-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Campaign Highlight:
For 4 years, 24/7 celebrated an annual statewide Tobacco-Free Spirit Day. On these days of action, thousands of students, staff, and visitors discussed the benefits of tobacco-free school divisions and the importance of tobacco-free learning environments. By making Tobacco-Free Spirit Day activities fun and engaging, like sending Valentine’s Day cards to school boards who had adopted a 100% tobacco-free policy, the campaign reached over 38,500 people and earned widespread community support.

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Previous Campaigns

Fresh Spot worked to make healthy foods easily accessible to all Virginians by gathering grassroots support for more local grocery stores.

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In partnership with the Office of the First Lady of Virginia, Great Starts with Breakfast aimed to increase school breakfast participation by encouraging schools to implement new or existing alternative breakfast models across the commonwealth.

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