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Cherishing Moments from Healthy Youth Day

My name is Reuben L. I am a senior at Colonial Forge High School. This is my first year as a member of Y Street. So far this year, I was able to reach out to multiple students about the importance of tobacco-free public spaces through the Share The Air campaign. I believe that everyone … Read More

My Y Street Experience

I first joined Y-street at the beginning of my sophomore year, at that point in my life I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and had never taken on any serious role of responsibility or leadership. I knew nothing about health policy or working in a professional manner. Y Street … Read More

We Passed a Law!

Hi, my name is Carys and I’m a sophomore at Granby High School. This is my second year in Y Street and my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team. In the beginning of this year, other Y Street members and myself had the opportunity to present a new bill to Virginia delegates and … Read More

Presenting at Weight of the State

My name is Ruthie, and I am a sophomore at Giles High School. This is my second year in Y Street and my first year on the Leadership Team. Y Street has allowed me to participate in many opportunities. One of these opportunities was to travel to the 2019 Weight of the State Conference this … Read More

Greensville Buddies Up For Breakfast

Hi! My Name is Savion a sophomore at Greensville Co High School and this is what we for National School Breakfast Week. Y Street Members at Greensville Co. High School recently went to Greensville Elementary School to host a Breakfast with a Buddy. National School Breakfast Week was March 4-8th this year, this is a … Read More

KGHS Celebrates Being Tobacco Free

My name is Unoma and I am currently a Junior at King George High school. I have been involved in Y Street for 2 years and this is my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team. One of my greatest achievements as a student at King George was witnessing our school’s tobacco policy becoming … Read More

Y Street Training

My name is Elana W. I attend Charlottesville High school, and I am in the eleventh Grade. This is my first year in Y Street. I was introduced to Y Street through my school. Every morning I receive announcements from my school. There are many times when I do not come across something that applies … Read More

I Presented with the FDA!

Hi! My name is Evie and I go to Fauquier High School. This is my 2nd year in Y-Street and my 1st year on the Y-Street Leadership Team. When I joined Y-street I hoped to make a difference within my school community. Within the past year my fellow Y-sters have made lots of progress with … Read More

Y Street Feeds VA

My name is Stephanie and I am currently a senior at Christiansburg High School. This is my third year in Y Street and my second year on the Y Street Leadership Team. This is also my third year working on Great Starts with Breakfast Campaign. High school students skip breakfast everyday because they don’t have … Read More

Why YOU Should Join Y Street

Hi, I’m Kit, a recently graduated senior at Fauquier High School! I joined Y Street last year when they entered my school through FBLA, and I became a member of the Leadership Team last summer. Becoming a Y-Ster has substantiated to be one of the best experiential decisions I have made! Y Street is a … Read More