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Secondhand Smoke = Obesity?

Written By: Jason: Thursday, 4 December 2014

“For people who are in a home with a smoker, particularly children, the increased risk of cardiovascular or metabolic problems is massive,” - Benjamin Bikman, professor of physiology and developmental biology at Brigham Young University.

A new study has revealed that children who are exposed to either secondhand smoke and/or air pollution have a much higher...

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33 Schools & Growing

Written By: Jason: Tuesday, 25 November 2014

ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) has reported that 33 colleges/universities are now fully free from tobacco money and the list continues to grow. To make the list, your school must be 100% free from getting any money whatsoever from tobacco. That means zero sales and, more importantly, zero money from events promoted by big tobacco.

In 2010, 24.8% of college students categoriz...

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The Ugly Truth

Written By: Jason: Sunday, 12 October 2014

A creative new marketing requirement in Australia has been working, according to research. Packs of cigarettes sold in Australia are required to come in plain packaging with real life images depicting the potential harmful effects of smoking. Smokers hated it, of course. However, after two years the packs starting changing the way people saw smoking. Now almost half of smokers support the ne...

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Ticking Time Bomb

Written By: Jason: Wednesday, 24 September 2014

As if using a product that might be deadly because nobody has been able to properly test the ingredients and their long term effects on the human body wasn't enough to scare you away from E-cigs (although it really should be more than enough reason), what about the reports that keep popping up about them exploding? It's true. There have been numerous accounts of exploding E-cigs. tak...

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Smoke Spots

Written By: Jason: Friday, 8 August 2014

A new app has been taking a lot of heat lately because the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) fears that it may promote smoking. The app in question is Smoke Spots, an app that lets the use know where areas that allow smoking are located. Imperial Tobacco is the company behind the app and at face value, it appears to just be a method of delivering information but the ASA has warned the co...

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Poisonous Flavors?

Written By: Jason: Wednesday, 16 July 2014

According to a new study the chemicals used for flavoring the tobacco in E-cigs may be poisonous. This only adds to the already frightening list of potential harmful ingredients in electronic smoking devices. Keep in mind that due to these products being so new, many of the ingredients haven't been fully studied and tested to determine how safe they are. It has even been suggested by som...

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Raising Support for a Ban on Flavored Tobacco

Written By: Natalie M.: Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My name is Natalie M., I am a sophomore at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia, and I have been a member of Y Street – Virginia’s biggest youth-led movement – for almost 2 years. During that time, I have collected public opinion surveys and support cards for the (dis)tasteful campaign with the goal of creating a world without flavored tobacco. I strongly believe i...

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The Truth Is Scary

Written By: Jason: Tuesday, 3 June 2014

It’s funny, not “funny ha-ha” but “funny-odd,” that so many smokers still don’t fully understand what they’re inhaling into their body. Sure, everyone and their mother knows that smoking is dangerous and that it can (and likely will, eventually) kill you but according to a new study as many as half of smokers aren’t aware of what big tobacco do...

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New (dis)tasteful Video Shares the Dangers of Flavored Tobacco

Written By: Angie C.: Friday, 30 May 2014

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry – these words probably bring up a memory of the time when we would dress up in our scariest outfit and go door to door for Halloween in hopes of receiving a sweet treat. Even though sweet memories of stuffing your face with candy may come to mind, these flavors are also used in tobacco products. Tobacco companies are marketing and promoting...

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Singing Butts

Written By: Jason: Monday, 5 May 2014

It’s estimated that trillions (that’s right TRILLIONS) of cigarette butts are littered worldwide every single year. They amount t hundreds of millions of pounds of waste annually and are known to be one of the most toxic forms of marine debris.


Smokers make the choice to partake in an act that’s known to be harmful to themselves but when they do...

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CounterBalance Campaign
The tobacco industry spends an average of $37 MILLION per day to promote their products. It's time to take tobacco ads out of places they don't belong.
The ActOut Campaign
The ActOut Campaign is about motivating teens all over Virginia to have fun and be healthy by getting involved in new, exciting, and different types of sports.
Meltdown Campaign
It's common knowledge that tobacco kills. Until recently, tobacco only came in cigarettes, cigars, and chew. That's all changed with the roll out of many new tobacco products that literally melt in your mouth...