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Why YOU should join Y Street!

Hello! I’m Max, a member of the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT). I am a junior at Charlottesville High School and joined Y Street two years ago. I have since joined the Leadership Team, which I have been a part of for 1 year. I am writing this blog to talk about why you should […]

My Training Experience With Y Street (and why I highly recommend it!)

Hello! My name is Ayla, and I am a freshman at King George High School. This is my first year with Y Street and it has been a great experience so far. I first heard about Y Street from my morning announcements, and I became instantly interested. Y Street is a youth-led organization where high […]

Hopewell Learning About Water

Hello Everyone. My name is Aliyana, and I am a Y Street member who attends Hopewell High School, Class of 2025. This is my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team. My first big event, the Rev Your Bev Celebration, was a great first opportunity as a member. The Celebration was a fun and […]

The Enjoyments of Rev Your Bev

Hello, my name is Samera and I attend Brunswick High School in Lawrenceville. This is my first year in Y Street, and so far it’s been a blast. We recently held a Rev Your Bev Event at our school to celebrate the campaign and I enjoyed it. The Rev Your Bev campaign encourages everyone to […]

Water: The Healthy Choice

Hi! My name is Anya and I’m a junior at Tabb High School. I have been a member of Y Street for one year. This year I am focusing on the Rev Your Bev campaign which is all about promoting water as the #1 beverage of choice. Frequent consumption of sugary beverages can lead to […]

Share The Air Takes on the Spooky Trail 😄

Hey there! Jaila and Madison (seniors and third-year members of Y Street), writers of this lovely post, along with our two fellow members, Ahjana and Yyetta, are here from Brunswick High School to share our experience on participating in a Share The Air campaign event at the Spooky Trail in Alberta. This was our first […]

Become a Y Street Member

Hello everyone! My name is Lydia and I’m a sophomore at Hopewell High School. I’ve been a part of Y Street for two years now, and I’ve been a part of the Y Street Leadership Team for one year. Y Street has been an amazing experience for me so far! It has allowed me to […]

Join Y Street

Hi, my name is Ella, and I am a Junior at Charlottesville High School. This is my second year as a Y Street member and my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT). I joined Y Street because working with students across Virginia and engaging community members, key decision-makers, and legislators with the […]

My Legislator Meeting Experience

Hi! My name is Wramsey, and I am a junior at John Randolph (JR) Tucker High School. This year is my second year in Y Street and my first year on the Y Street Leadership Team (YSLT). I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the first legislator meeting of the 2021-2022 Y […]